The Carnival events in Basilicata

Anthropological masks. Millennial traditions. The Carnival in Basilicata has an archaic tradition full of events! Discover all the unmissable events of the CARNIVAL 2020 in Basilicata!

  • Municipality of Tricarico: the Carnival opens on January 17 on the day dedicated to S. Antonio Abate, where ancient traditions have been traced between the sacred and the profane since dawn. The bull and cow masks travel the streets of the town with the sound of cowbells retracing all the stages of transhumance. The dressing of the masks that takes place on this first day is also repeated on the last Sunday before Shrove Tuesday. On February 23, various activities and celebrations are scheduled as well as the parade of allegorical floats through the streets of the historic center. Info and full program here!
  • Municipality of Montescaglioso: the Carnevalone montese has reached its 61st edition and will see the city fill up with colors and joy with the parade of allegorical papier-mâché floats. On Shrove Tuesday the rites of the peasant tradition at dawn begin the long rite of dressing the group who will parade through the historic center which will end with the Carnevalone funeral and with the 40 chimes of the bells of the Mother Church that at midnight will end the celebrations. Info and full program here!
  • Municipality of Satriano: from the forest the Rumits arrive in the village every year, punctual and suggestive as only ancient rituals can be! On 22 and 23 February Satriano will become green thanks to the arrival of 131 Rumits, 131 tree men like the 131 municipalities of Lucani, who will give life to the traditional forest march. Info and full program here!

Do you know any other events that will take place in Basilicata for the 2020 Carnival? Report them in the comments or at:

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