The living crib in Matera to feel the magic of Christmas

Like every year,the Presepe vivente (the Living crib) is back in Matera in the beautiful scenery of the Sassi with the magic of Christmas.

Whether or not you live Christmas as a believer, the experience of the nativity scene in Matera is a unique experience to try at least once in your lifetime. If you combine the magic of Christmas, with its lights and its scents, to the magic of Matera the mix is explosive. You will be charmed and you will tell it every next 25th of December to your friends, your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren …sorry! Maybe we are exaggerating a bit!

The Living Crib in Matera is a long path through narrow streets, alleys and squares of the ancient quarters. It’s the tale of Jesus’ birth and the historical and biblical events that characterized it.
It is an alternative way to visit the old districts of Matera and fully understand its history. Here where in natural caves grew up infants warmed by the animals breaths for ages.
Discover the each details in the suggestive scenes, skilfully rebuilt with loads of actors. You will feel you are in the real Bethlehem. Besides, the Sassi of Matera have always been locations for movies about Jesus life and Palestine. Rock dwellings, dug caves and ravines fit perfectly for an ancient times scenario. But we wont tell you more. To live the magic experience of this crib, perhaps one of the greatest living nativity scenes in the world, come to Matera and find it out by yourself!

Merry Christmas, therefore, in Matera, in the Sassi Living Crib that will let you behave and be good!

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