What are the most beautiful and less known viewpoint in Matera?

Matera has many spots from where you can admire the charming view of the Sassi and the Murgia Park.
We suggest you the most known and easy to reach viewpoints, but also the more hidden and less crowded ones. With a bit of effort, they will reward you and you will find the peace of mind in the beauty of a breathtaking scenery. For photography lovers these are the best point to shoot amazing pictures of Sassi.

1. Close to The Drop, the Kengiro Azuma sculpture, there is the viewpoint of Piazza Pascoli where  you can admire the beauty of Sasso Caveoso. There the houses are almost completely carved into the rock. In front of you, on a large limestone cliff, you can admire the Madonna dell’Idris church, one of the 150 rock churches carved into the rock in Matera.

Level: Very easy! You are already there! The Belvedere is in Via Ridola, the main road in the city centre.

2. The Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio (beloved artist from Matera) is located in the central square Piazza Vittorio Veneto. It is located just above the ancient water tank Palombaro (you should visit it, you’ll be impressed!), on the right of the Knights of Malta church. In front of you you will see the cathedral overlooking the Civita, the central nucleus of the Sassi.

Level: Very easy!

3. In Piazza Duomo, in front of the cathedral in Matera, you can almost see the entire Sasso Barisano, which owes its name to the Roman consul Barisanus, but in the common tradition it is so named because it faces the nearby Puglia and the road leading to Bari.

Level: too easy. If you are in the new city centre, you can arrive there doing a relaxing walk through Via delle Beccherie

4. This is a gem few tourists know. Walking from Via San Biagio (don’t miss a visit to the beautiful Gothic church of  San Giovanni Battista) to Via Santa Caesarea, on the right some steps will lead you on a small roof. You will be just behind the bell tower of San Pietro Barisano church and in front of a stunning view of the Sassi.

Level: Too easy to get there from Piazza Vittorio Veneto! Heartily recommended

5. The Belvedere of Murgia Timone has definitely one of the most fascinating views of the city. But like all good things, you have to sweat a bit to get there. For trekking and nature lovers we recommend to follow the trail that will lead you from Porta Pistola down at the Gravina creek. To cross it you can use the rope bridge to climb the Murgia. A breathtaking spectacle is guaranteed.

Level: Intermediate. If you ate too much Focaccia from Paoluccio better wait until the end of digestion. If there is no way to let you doing some physical activity, we can reveal you the way to reach by car the Belvedere of Murgia Timone.

6. This viewpoint is already in the heart of the Sassi. Follow the signs from Via Bruno Buozzi take you to the rock church of Madonna dell’Idris. Once arrived you have to circumnavigate it. On the back of the church carved into the rock a stunning view of the Murgia Park is waiting for you. Be careful to not lean out!

Level: easy but on the path there are stairs to climb

7. Also this small balcony is located in the Sassi in front of the entrance of Sant’Agostino Church which is accessed from Via D’Addozio. This spot has a great perspective to take good pictures of Sassi

Level: easy. If you come from the bottom you there is a hill to get there

8. The Belvedere of the Madonna delle Vergini Church is accessible by car from the road to Taranto. The road is not in very good conditions, so we advise not to do it if the weather conditions are adverse. For information on how to get there, read the post on how to reach the Belvedere Murgia Timone.

Level: difficult. The rock church of Madonna delle Vergini is reachable on foot, crossing the creek Gravina Murgia Park, but it is a path for advanced hiker. We strongly recommend to request information from an expert tourist guide.

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