Paoluccio’s focaccia

la focaccia di Matera

The Paoluccio’s focaccia is a must for anyone who travels to the city of Matera. For those who does not know what is it, focaccia is a baked dough similar to the bread one, made of flour, water, salt and yeast. There are different types depending on the topping: white, red, with cherry tomatoes, potatoes or courgette and all your imagination can suggest.

In Matera there are many baker’shops and in all of them you will find their own focaccia. It is a typical element of traditional cuisine and we eat it in abundance. Each Materano has his favorite one which varies according to the bakery, the cooking, the quality of the ingredients and it is impossible to agree on who holds the most delicious focaccia primacy of the city.
So why are we going to suggest this one? We have chosen the one of the Bakery Paoluccio for its sentimental story, for its strategic location and because it is our favorite focaccia!

At number 22 in Via del Corso, the road that takes you from Piazza Vittorio Veneto to Piazza San Francesco, you will find the bright yellow gate and the old style sign of the 50’s bakery. Mr. Paoluccio opened the first electric furnace of Matera, after a long tradition of public ovens in the Sassi. When kids skive off of school, this is where they go for a piece of delicacy at very low prices. The bakery is quite small and does not care too much about aesthetic aspect. You might find a long queue, but the focaccia will reward the expectations.

Be careful to not ask about Mr. Paoluccio! The former owner, sadly, passed away. The Coretti brothers now own the bakery. They learned the tricks of the trade here and they left the same company name. The older brother Eustachio works in this place since he was 19. Here he learned the art of baking and he never had any intention to change the name paying tribute to whom hand down to him a so precious knowledge.

We recommend the focaccia with tomato sauce which is a classic, but the focaccia with potatoes sells like crazy! If you want any chance to find it, go at Paoluccio’s before 10 am! Enjoy your meal!

Picture by Michele Marazia

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