I love Matera

Matera is an amazing and breathless city. Ancient, hidden, fascinating as a foreign traveler.
It has a thousand-year history and so many stories to tell: the secular traditions and the most remote cave churches, life in Sassi and the genuineness of Basilicata lifestyle.

We will reveal you the most beautiful places to visit. We will give you tips to taste our best dishes in places that only a local knows.
You will discover more about our past: the magical history about the typical bread of Matera, its distinctive shape and the wooden stamps.
Or the reason that why we destroy the hand-made float (Carro trionfale) built in honour of the town’s sacred protectress, Madonna della Bruna.
We will tell you what it means to sleep in a cave, wow!
To live the emotion of the Presepe Vivente staged in the Sassi
An amazing experience through the locations where Pier Paolo Pasolini directed Il Vangelo secondo Matteo or The Passion shooted by Mel Gibson.

Here you know Matera and its secret corners narrated from the mouth of those who fell in love and knows better than anyone.

I love Matera! And you?

If you have questions for us or post to suggest write to info@ilovematera.it
I love Matera

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