Where is Matera?

Such a wonderful city but…where is Matera? How can I reach the charming City of Sassi?

How to reach Matera by plane

The Bari Palese Airport is the closest airport to Matera. At this link you will find all the information and flights departure and landing from/to Bari.
From the airport you can get in Matera by shuttle bus. Price is around 3-6 €. Here for you the timetible:

From Matera (Piazza Matteotti) to Bari airport

04:55 Line 21

10:45 Line 22

13:00 Line 23

17:10 Line 24

20:35 Line 25

From Bari airport to Matera (Piazza Matteotti)

09:15 Line 21R

14:40 Line 22R

15:45 Line 25R

19:15 Line 23R

00:30 Line 24R


How to reach Matera by train

You can reach the city center of Matera (Piazza Matteotti) by train from Bari. Here you will find the train timetable by FAL.

TIP: This train is not famous for being the fastest way. Forewarned is forearmed! 😉

If you are arriving from the Tyrrhenian side (From Naples, Rome, Tuscany, North of Italy, etc…) you will get a Trenitalia train until the station “Ferrandina-Pomarico-Miglionico”. From there you can get a bus to Matera. The route is about 30 min.

Here you will find the timetable of the companies that travel on that route:

Tip: Beware of the name stations. Ferrandina Scalo is the origin station you need to look for. Matera Centrale / Piazza Matteotti is the arrival if you want to get off at the nearest stop to the city center.

How to reach Matera by bus

The bus lines that connect Matera to central and northern Italy are Flixbus (Rimini, Venice, Perugia and many other), Marino (Naples, Bologna, Turin, Milan, Padua and other cities), Marozzi (Rome, Tuscany) Liscio (Roma).
If you arrive from Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce, Salerno, Naples or Caserta, have a look at the timetible of Miccolis.

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